Career Counselors

Career Counselors
[Schedule an appointment through ePACK]

Woody Catoe, Ed.D.,

Jane Matthews,

Sara Concini,
[Engineering: CSC, ECE, IMSE, NE, OR]

Beverly Marchi,
[Engineering: BAE, CCEE, JEM, MAE, MSE]

D.R. Ingram,
[Engineering: CBE, IE]

Leslie Bowman,
[Engineering: BME, Externships]

First Year College -- select a career counselor of choice.


Co-op Coordinators
[1st step - attend an orientation]

Susan Matney,

Cara Doyle,

Pam Floryanzia,

Kelly Laraway, Ed.D.,

Kelly Mullins,


Heather Dellinger,
Debra Barnes,


Elizabeth Brashear,

Leslie Rand-Pickett,

Bridget Yarborough,
[On-campus recruiting]

Della Shepherd,

Bessie Bukhay,

Eddie Lovett,
[Technology Analyst]

Other Career Offices
Academic Advising Services Advising resource for exploring/changing majors -- FYC Commons, 919.515.8130
CALS Career Services College of Agriculture & Life Sciences -- 107 Patterson Hall, 919.515.3249
Design Career Services College of Design -- 225 Brooks Hall, 919.515.8325
Management Career Services College of Management -- 2150 Nelson Hall, 919.515.5565
Paper Science Career Services Dept. of Forest Biomaterials -- 2209 Biltmore Hall, 919.515.2888
Textiles Career Services College of Textiles -- 2348 College of Textiles, 919.515.6530
Veterinary Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine -- A-245 Main Building, 919.513.6203
Alumni Career Services New grads within one year of graduation are also served by the CDC