Interested in identifying talent early?

NC State students actively seek career-related experience prior to graduation -- to learn about their profession, develop skills, increase confidence and clarify career decisions.  Thank you for providing outstanding experiences for NC State students!   Choose the options that work best for your organization.     

  • Internships:  The most flexible for you and the student, during the summer or semester (part-time or full-time).  Internships are usually paid, academic credit options are limited. Post internships in ePACK
  • Externships:  Designed to help first year engineering students learn about careers.  This is a 1-2 day job shadow experience during spring break, unpaid. Learn more about externships.
  • Co-op:  An option with student commitment of three rotations of work alternating with semesters of school beginning in the summer or semester.  Co-ops are always paid. Post co-ops in Cooperative Education.

Tips for outstanding experiences

  • Challenging work assignments
  • Supportive work environment
  • Clearly stated expectations
  • Active supervision and mentoring
  • Opportunities to interact with other students
  • Inclusion in meetings or events, when possible
  • Housing assistance or guidance, if out of town