job search Checklist

Preparation and participation are keys to your success.  No one said this search was easy.  In fact, it’s likely to take more time, patience and creativity than you anticipated.  Work at it one step at a time … over time.  Commit yourself to the process and remember, we are here to help.     


  • Start a spreadsheet or job search notebook to track all activity with employers. 
  • Identify personal strengths, skills, and interests.  You’ll communicate these to employers.
  • Create an outstanding resume and cover letter.  Have them critiqued by CDC staff or a professional of your choice. 
  • Create your ePACK account.
  • Assemble supporting documents – unofficial transcript (all students), list of references (graduating students), work sample of a project (if appropriate for your field).  
  • Check all social media to be sure they reflect positively on you.
  • Prepare for interviews. Select professional interview attire. 
  • Purchase a professional portfolio (or use a simple dark color folder) to carry your job search documents to an interview or career fair.
  • Research employers; know basic products/services and locations before applying or interviewing.   
  • Create a professional voice mail message.
  • Protect your on-line presence by being selective about photos and postings for possible outside viewing. 


  • Use multiple strategies simultaneously since employers recruit in different ways!
  • Use ePACK.
  • Attend career fairs.  
  • Use job search resources and strategies found on the CDC website.  Do not wait for positions to be posted; contact employers of interest directly in person, by email, phone or US mail.
  • Attend employer presentations arranged through your department and student organizations. 
  • Apply directly through company websites; it is often required by employers. 
  • Email thank you notes within 24 hours of interviews or assistance you receive from others.