Looking for career-related experience? There are many options -- all bring value!

  • Internships
    Career-related experience typically full-time during the summer or part-time during the semester, and usually paid. Start with ePACK.  [View guidelines for full-time, non-credit semester internships.]
  • Externships
    Career-related experience for first year engineering students during spring break.  Externs job shadow full-time for 1-2 days and are unpaid. Start with externships.  
  • Co-op
    Career-related experience involving three rotations of work alternating with semesters of school. Co-ops work full-time and are paid. Start with a Co-op orientation.  
  • Research
    Career-related experience during the summer or semester working with faculty and grad students.  Ideal choice for students considering graduate study. Research is full-time or part-time and often paid. Start with faculty in labs of interest or Undergraduate Research.
  • Projects
    Career-related experience gained through hands-on projects in class, through student organizations, in the community, or on your own.
  • Volunteer 
    Career-related experience gained through service on campus or in the community.

Benefits of experience

  • Clarification of major or career interest
  • Development of skills
  • Hands-on experience in the field
  • Professional advice and contacts for the future
  • Competitive edge at graduation

Need help with your decision?
Consult with a professional staff member.