Semester Internships

While most students prefer an internship during the summer (or part-time during the semester) – you may have found one that requires you to take a semester off.  Students at NC State have done this before and successfully. 

To accept this opportunity – you will not “withdraw” from NC State, but rather take a “leave,” as long as you are in good academic standing.  (This does not apply to students who are awarded credit by their department or who accept a co-op.  In these cases, your status as a student remains unchanged).

Before the interview

  • Academic Advisor: discuss this option to be sure the internship does not conflict with course sequence. 
  • Scholarship Advisor: discuss this option to learn if the internship impacts your scholarship; some donors require notification in advance. 
  • Parents: discuss this option as health insurance may or may not be affected.  

Semester before the internship

  • Do not register for classes scheduled the semester you intend to intern.

During the internship

  • Complete the readmission application as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days prior to enrollment.  Cost $50.
  • Once readmitted, obtain your PIN and register for classes.
  • Ensure continuation of financial aid; complete your FASFA by March 1.