When an employer asks if you have questions, the answer is yes!  Prepare a few questions in advance so you'll be ready. Feel free to write them down and refer to your list during the interview.

  • What do you enjoy most about working here?
  • Can you tell me about your career path at the company?
  • What are you looking for in a new hire?
  • How would you describe the working environment?
  • Do you provide a structured training program or will I learn on the job? 
  • Could you describe a typical assignment of a summer intern?
  • What are the unique challenges of this particular job?
  • What do you see as ingredients for success of this group?
  • Could you tell me about one of your current projects?
  • Are there opportunities for continued education and professional development?
  • What are the organization's plans for future growth?
  • What makes the company stand out in its industry?
  • What qualities do successful hires share in your organization?