Let the employer initiate the discussion. We do not recommend that you ask about salary. Most employers have a specific salary or range in mind. Their goal is to pay you fairly and in line with recent hires in the same job.

Few employers ask a college student or new graduate, "what salary are you looking for?" However, if they do – you want to be ready. Use the known salary averages and adjust as we suggest. Show an understanding of and sensitivity to the current job market.

Do not automatically negotiate for a higher salary. If an offer seems low, ask the employer how they arrived at the salary. Give them a chance to explain. If all new hires are offered this salary, thank them for this information and stop. If you sense there is room for negotiation -- politely ask. If they are open to the discussion, proceed with your rationale (your credentials or a higher offer you have received). Plan only to negotiate with the offer you will accept.

We're here to help with salary discussions.
Consult with your career counselor.