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Job Market

What do NC State students do in a tough job market?
They get tougher.

We are here to help you manage your response to this challenging time -- to create opportunities when there appear to be few.

Remain confident.
Believe you will find a job. If you don't, you probably won't.

Understand the job market for college students.
Job outlook 2010 -- NACE, spring 2010
Intern hiring up 3% -- NACE, spring 2010

Be prepared for your search to take more time.
Many employers are uncertain about their current hiring needs. Patience, persistence, and flexibility are essential in this job market.

Be open to a variety of opportunities.
Consider industries, companies, locations, and positions you hadn't previously considered. Consider an opportunity that adds to your skill set, even if it's not your ideal choice.

Cast a wide net.
IIf your approach is not working, mix it up. Incorporate some of our successful strategies. It is not enough to simply check on-line sources.

Let others help.
In this environment, the best leads come from people. Let others (family, friends, faculty, supervisors) know about your search. Ask for advice. One lead can become one interview!

Personalize the process.
Have a career story you can tell in less than a minute. People remember faces and stories. Leave a positive impression that encourages others to think of you.

Consider an internship.
An internship can lead to a job when the market improves. A volunteer or job shadowing experience can lead to an internship. Be open to a variety of entry points.

Do not buy into – “no one is hiring.”
Students are finding jobs. Watch for healthier industries in Morningstar to find those more likely to hire. Drill down to identify specific companies within each sector. (Begin with the "Industries" section.)

Should I go to graduate school?
The decision to attend graduate school is best made when you have a clear focus and goal.

What happens if I graduate without a job?
Services continue through the UCC for one year after graduation. After that time, services through the Alumni Association are available.

Personal assistance

Share your success

  • Help keep the PACK together!
    When you hear of opportunities -- let us know and we will promptly post them in ePACK. Other students will appreciate your leads!


University Career Center
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Raleigh, NC 27695
hours: M-F 8:00-5:00
drop in hours: M-F 11:00-2:00
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