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Interview Checklist  

"Some see interviews as a chance to expose people's weaknesses. We see it as an exercise in uncovering your strengths." (Credit Suisse)

Before the interview

  • Know your strengths.
  • See yourself in the position.
  • Research the organization and location.
  • Review the position description, if available.
  • Review sample interview questions and prepare answers.
  • Prepare a few questions to ask employers.
  • Clarify the details of the interview – date, location, schedule, attire.
  • Bring several copies of your resume and a list of references, if you are graduating this year.
  • Bring your portfolio or work samples, if appropriate for your field.
  • Bring an unofficial copy of your transcript.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early.

During the interview

  • Greet the interviewer with a smile, firm handshake, and good eye contact.
  • Follow the cues of the interviewer; wait for an invitation to be seated.
  • Sit attentively with good posture.
  • Listen carefully; let the interviewer guide you.
  • Ask for clarification or restatement of questions at any time.
  • Frame your answers to bring out abilities and interests that match the opportunity.
  • Be positive about yourself and your experiences.
  • Be honest if you are asked a question you are unable to answer.  Instead, offer a thoughtful way you would find the answer. 
  • Display enthusiasm for the opportunity. 
  • Look for opportunities to highlight your strengths and match them to their needs.
  • Be prepared to give specific examples to back up statements you make about yourself.  Draw from academic, professional, and personal experiences.
  • Show you embrace the organization's culture.
  • Ask good questions.
  • Thank the interviewer for their time and ask about next steps in the process.
  • Conclude with a sincere statement of interest in the position.

After the interview

  • Evaluate your performance.
  • Send or email a thank you note within 24 hours.

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