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Questions to Ask

When an employer asks if you have questions, the answer is yes! Prepare a few questions in advance so you will be ready. Feel free to write them down and refer to your list during the interview.    

  1. Could you describe a typical assignment of a summer intern?
  2. Could you tell me about a project the group is currently working on?
  3. How would you describe the working environment?
  4. What are the unique challenges of this particular job.
  5. I have read about the mentoring program on your website. Could you tell me more?
  6. What are you looking for in a new hire?
  7. Do you provide a structured training program or will I learn on the job? 
  8. What opportunities exist for professional development?
  9. What career paths are available to someone with my major?
  10. Is an advanced degree valued at your company?
  11. Are there opportunities for continued education?
  12. Are there opportunities to move within the company in the future – different sites, departments, positions?
  13. Could you tell me the process and timeframe for performance evaluations? 
  14. What are the organization's plans for future growth?
  15. What makes the company stand out in its industry?
  16. What do you enjoy most about working for this company?
  17. Please tell me about your career path at the company.
  18. What qualities do successful hires in your organization share?

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