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Other types of interviews

Screening interviews -- brief with the potential to lead to further consideration. These opportunities are everywhere. Be on the lookout, keep your resume handy, and prepare an answer to, Tell me about yourself.

  • Career fairs
    Employers often use career fairs to build an on-campus interview schedule, identify talent for hiring managers, and invite candidates to visit the office or site.
  • Information sessions
    Employers use information sessions to interact with students. They are often scheduled in the evening before on-campus interviews or career fairs and are posted in ePACK.
  • Student organizations
    Employers and alumni look for ways to meet students through professional societies and other student groups. Take advantage of opportunities for conversation.
  • Conferences
    These provide several venues in which to interact with employers and faculty -- presentations, receptions, and social events.
  • Phone interviews
    Employers often conduct screening interviews via phone. Take the call in a quiet place and stand up to convey energy in your voice. [Mastering the phone screening]
  • Impromptu introductions
    Be ready when you are introduced to potential employers. This can happen in your department, at home, in the community, or at a social function.

Site visits -- in-depth 2nd interview which follows a successful screening interview and usually takes place at the employer's office or site. This interview can range from 2 hours (for a local employer) to 2 days (for an out-of-town employer). View details of a site visit.


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