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Internships are the most popular way to obtain career-related experience. Most students seek summer internships, though some intern during the semester. Most students graduate with 1-2 internships. This provides additional time to add study abroad, volunteer/service, summer school, and other valuable opportunities for personal and professional development.

Common questions

  • When should I begin my search?
    Begin early in the fall and continue through late spring.
  • Can first year students find internships?
    Yes, though realize that some employers may require sophomore or junior status.
  • Where are internships posted?
    Internships are posted in ePACK, the UCC's on-line system.
  • Are internships paid?
    All technical internships are paid. Most non-technical internships are paid.
  • Should I accept an unpaid internship?
    Yes, they bring the same value to your career development and resume.
    (If unaffordable, accept it part-time and supplement with paid part-time work.)
  • Can I receive credit for an internship?
    Most departments @ NC State do not offer credit. Check with yours to be sure.
  • Is research experience considered an internship?
    Yes, research with faculty is considered career-related experience.
    It's a great choice if you're considering graduate school.
  • Can I intern during the semester?
    Many employers offer part-time internships that work well with your school schedule.
    A few employers offer full-time semester internships.
  • Can an internship lead to a full-time job?
    Yes, it is the most popular hiring trend of employers.
  • What is co-op and how is it different?
    Co-op is an additional way to gain career-related experience. Pay a fee to maintain student status.
    Tradtional co-op: 3 alternating semesters.
    Semester co-op: 1 semester part-time.
  • Is there a fee to use the UCC?
    No, there is never a fee to use our services.


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