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Accepting a Job Offer 

This is a very important decision that should not be rushed. Accept a job offer when you are ready. If you need more time to make a decision, ask. Employers make every effort to give you the time you need.

When you do accept a job offer -- verbally or in writing -- it is a commitment. It is not okay to continue interviewing in case there is a better opportunity. You would not want the employer to continue interviewing in case there is a stronger candidate.


  • Consult with your career counselor to discuss difficult decisions.
  • Accept a job offer only when you are ready.
  • Once you do accept, alert other employers you are considering immediately. 

How you handle yourself during this stage of the job search is important. Employer representatives communicate with one another. A mistake could be very costly to you as a new professional and can have far reaching consequences; employers have terminated relationships with universities as a result.  


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