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Successful Strategies

What works in this economy?
Creative strategies! Mix up your search to include some of these.

Make ePACK work for you. Watch the quick start video. Update your profile and resume. Set up a "job search agent" to be alerted of postings. Use the employer directory to find employers to contact. Watch for on-campus interviews.

Career & job fairs
Attend all relevant carer fairs @ NC State fall and spring semesters. Watch for career fairs @ other schools, that may be open to you.

Social networking sites
Update your Facebook status or Twitter timeline with your search info. New graduates may benefit from LinkedIn, a professional networking site. Your contacts may be aware of opportunities!
[Using Twitter & Facebook to Find a Job --]  

Internet job hunting
Know the current state of internet job hunting. Learn what's hot and what's not! Make your short list of sites and strategies to employ.

Follow the stimulus money
Learn how funds are allocated in your state. Where there are projects, there may be opportunities.

UCC Search tools
Find potential employers using our search tools. Contact those of interest and inquire about opportunities. Don't wait for positions to be posted when you will face increased competition.

Company websites
Apply for internships and jobs posted on company websites. Enhance your chances by knowing how to apply on-line.

Are you a member of professional, honor, community, alumni, religious, social, athletic, or other organizations? Connect with members who share common interests or work in organizations or locations of interest. They may have valuable leads for your search!

Faculty & staff
Confer with faculty who are very knowledgeable about your employers, job market, and where past graduates are working. Ask for advice and suggestions for your search.

Alumni contacts
Relocating to a specific city? Use the alumni clubs site to find Wolfpack faithful to inquire about opportunities and relocation. Want to find an NC State grad at a specific company? Access the alumni database through STAT (students) and traditional membership (new graduates).

Be creative!
Try one of these creative job search methods.


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