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CODA: Environmental Science

Effective: January 2, 2012

  1. Students who have completed fewer than 12 credit hours at NC State must meet the admissions index requirement for admission to the Environmental Science degree.
  2. Students will be reviewed for transfer from any NC State major to the major in Environmental Science if they meet the following requirements:
    • Completion of a minimum of 12 graded credit hours at NC State University
    • Completion of at least one basic science/calculus course from the list of BIO 181 or CH 101/102 (or higher), or MA 131 (or higher), or PY 211 (or higher) with a C (2.0 GPA) or better at NC State University
    • If no science/calculus courses are taken at NC State, students must have other evidence (e.g. Transcripts from high school, community college, or another college or university) showing they can succeed in basic science courses
    • Minimum overall 2.0 GPA
  3. Students interested in admission to the ES major must schedule an interview with the Director of the Environmental Science Academic Program and submit an online application via the "Proceed to Application" button on the left.
    Please Note: The Proceed to Application button will only be available during the application windows listed on the left.

For questions regarding the Environmental Science degree, contact Erin Champion at 919-513-2520 or at