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Identify, Admit, Enroll, Retain, and Graduate a Diverse Student Body

Admissions Results

  • 19,400 applications received in 2011.
    • 3,000 different high schools represented in the applicant pool.
  • Offers of admission sent to 10,000 students.
  • Applications received from:
    • All 50 states
    • 97 Countries
    • All 100 counties in North Carolina

Class Rank and SAT Scores for New Freshmen

The average high school GPA is a 4.28, and this statistic has continued to climb for ten years. Also on the rise is the number of new Freshmen who are in the top 2% of their graduating class. In 2011, 9% of our new Freshmen graduated in the top 2%, the highest in ten years. SAT scores continue to rise. The SAT 3-Part (Critical Reading+Math+Writing) average score for our 2011 Freshman class was 1754.

Hitting Targets

The 2011 Freshman Class represents:

  • 98 of North Carolina’s 100 counties
  • 40 of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico
  • 24 countries
  • 107 Valedictorians
  • 83 Salutatorians
  • 1767 in highest 10% of their high school class
  • 64% (2,964) of first year students that intended to enroll submitted AP scores with an average of 4.1 AP exams per student. Over 2,100 AP scores of 5 were submitted.
  • 5 students achieved a perfect SAT score
  • 76.1% white; 23.9% non-white
  • 54.7% male; 45.3% female

Pre-College Efforts

Intensive English Program (IEP)

Intensive English Program (IEP): The Intensive English Program was developed by EMAS to help academically competitive, potential international students strengthen their English skills. The program has
more than doubled since its inception growing from 8 participants in the first year to over 160 participants in the Fall 2012. By the second year of the IEP program, over 50% of the participants were matriculated into a degree program at NC State.

  • Fall 2011: 51 students total (10 matriculate the next semester)
  • Spring 2012: 67 students total (35 matriculate the next semester)

Wake NC State Early College High School (ECHS)

With a focus on STEM disciplines, this magnet high school provides students an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and up to two years of college credit within a five year period. In collaboration with Wake County Public Schools, EMAS coordinated the NC State identity management information for the inaugural class and has facilitated additional integration activities.

Emerging Issues for Future Leaders (EIFL)

EIFL is a collaboration between the Division of Enrollment Management and Services and the Institute for Emerging Issues. EIFL is a 2 ½ day residential summer program for promising youth in 11th and 12th grades. In 2011, 48 students participated from 6 different North Carolina counties. Further information on the 2011 EIFL program is available.


Red robes for undergraduates, a re-designed stage backdrop, new college banners for the processional, and an inspirational NC State promotional video are just some of the recent commencement ceremony innovations initiated by EMAS staff involved with the event. In addition, photographers were present for the Spring 2012 ceremony to capture individual photos of every student. They provided rapid access to photograph proofs and online ordering within days of the ceremony. More than 15,000 guests attended the university ceremony in May 2012 to watch a record number of students receive their degrees. The UPA website contains more information about graduation and degrees conferred.