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6. Increase Collaborations with External Partners to Promote the Goals of the University and the State of North Carolina.

EMAS continues to provide program and/or administrative support for the following academic collaborations: SKEMA, AgIdea, and two Inter-Institutional Consortiums.

Inter-Institutional and Cooperating Raleigh Colleges Consortiums

In 2011-2012 students from NC State, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Chapel Hill, Meredith College, Shaw University, St. Augustine’s College, UNC-Greensboro, Duke University, North Carolina Central University, and William Peace University participated in these two consortiums (Inter-institutional Program and Cooperating Raleigh Colleges).

  • 195 students from other institutions came to NC State for classes
  • 108 NC State students took classes at one of our partner schools


In January 2011, the SKEMA Business School, one of the top business schools in France with satellite campuses in China and Morocco, opened its first US campus at NC State on Centennial Campus. Registration and other student information for these 135 students was coordinated by Registration and Records, the Global Training Initiative, and the Poole College of Management.

Ag*Idea Program

The Interactive Distance Education Alliance program known as Ag*Idea is administered through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the Department of Registration & Records, and the Great Plains agricultural program. In 2011-2012, NC State recorded 55 participants (includes NC State and non-NC State student participation).

UNC Online

The University of North Carolina General Administration provides access to education through this distance education program, which includes course offerings from 16 universities in the UNC system. Each term, EMAS assists with course scheduling, student records, and reporting, as needed.

Other Collaborations

  • 40 students in the Summer Start Program participated in a Saturday work day for Habitat for Humanity during summer 2011.
  • EMAS representatives serve on the American Indian Advisory Committee.  In 2011-2012, staff members traveled to Cherokee Reservation and attended the Unity Conference in Charlote, NC.
  • EMAS continues to build on its relationship with Partner Chinese High Schools.