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2. Assess Recruitment and Retention Strategies to Promote Student Success

Increased NC State Presence Nationally and Internationally

NC State University continues to increase our presence across the US and world-wide to recruit prospective students. Recruitment efforts include attending college fairs, high schools visits, student receptions and participating in virtual events.

During the 2011-2012 school year, NC State was represented at over 300 college fairs in North Carolina, 21 states and 7 countries and distributed over 50,000 admissions brochures to prospective students.

We held a total of 7 prospective student receptions across NC and in Virginia and Maryland.

College Week Live: Virtual College Fairs

In order to reach out to more students, NC State participated in virtual college fair events through CollegeWeekLive. CollegeWeekLive provided the same platform as a college fair – location for prospective students to gather information about NC State and interact with admissions staff members through chats and virtual presentations. Through CollegeWeekLive, we generated over 3,200 student leads worldwide.

High School Counselor Outreach Across State Lines

In Fall 2011, Undergraduate Admissions held 6 counselor breakfasts located in California, Virginia, Maryland and New Orleans. In Spring 2012, Undergraduate Admissions hosted a Counselor Open House on the NC State campus and invited high school counselors from across NC to learn more about NC State University and the admission process.

Policy Review & Revision &New Student/Administrative Services

Registration & Records staff worked with campus stakeholders to review, revise, and implement policies aimed at helping students make better academic choices over the course of their college career. These included:

  • Revised policies to limit the number of credits a student can earn while categorized as non-degree-seeking.
  • Eliminated the First Year Course Repeat Policy and implemented a new Grade Exclusion Policy.
  • Worked to create a customized, interactive, SIS-integrated, degree audit audit system.
  • Implemented an online grade change procedure that uses workflow to reduce paperwork and processing time.
  • Implemented an online graduation clearance procedure.
  • Implemented 8-week mini sessions within our regular fall and spring terms with unique drop deadlines.
  • Created specialized queries for campus users to aid them in tracking student enrollment transactions for a given term.

Summer Initiatives

Project Gold - Global Opportunities for Leadership Development

EMAS facilitated flexible scheduling of several intensive Foreign Language classes which needed to run outside of the university’s normal summer timeline in Summer 2011 to ensure that NC State ROTC students could benefit from this grant-funded program. See the Project Gold website for more information.