ES Success

Get Involved:  There are many clubs and organizations that extend your learning and participation beyond the classroom. These organizations are a great way to gain experience, build your resume, and make connections.
Network and Communicate:  NC State offers many events, such as career fairs, that allow you to talk with future employers, and find out more within your field.  Also, utilize your professors as experts who can provide advising and mentoring beyond the classroom. Talk with them, see them during office hours, and see what research they are doing. You could find hidden opportunities that develop your interests.
Apply for Scholarships:  Scholarships can help finance your education, and can lead to new experiences including internships or study abroad programs. There are many scholarship opportunities available to students. Inquiries about scholarships and fellowships can be sent to Dr. Tiffany Kershner, the fellowship adviser at
Utilize your Resources:  NCSU offers a multitude of campus resources for you. Use them to get the most out of your education at NC State. Check out books from D.H. Hill Library.  Go to the tutoring center if you need help or want to understand something better.  Talk with other professors, and use the Career Center to improve your resume and interview skills. Listed below are just some of the many resources on campus.
                                -NCSU Libraries
                                -University Tutoring Center
                                -Minor Website
                                -Career Development Center
Get Connected:  Connect with your fellow students and faculty members in the Environmental Sciences Academic Program. The ES Academic Program hosts social events, brown bag discussions, and other opportunities to meet your classmates and professors throughout the academic year. The ES program is on Facebook and Twitter. This web page also lists contact information for all of the faculty and staff for the program.