Student Organizations

NC State sponsors a number of student organizations to encourage environmental science students to explore beyond the classroom and lab:

  • Environmental Sciences Student Ambassador Program, promotes the ES Academic Program to future students, their families and your fellow peers.
  • The WolfPack Environmental Student Association (WESA), which promotes campus environmental awareness and environmental protection.
  • The Student Organization for Sustainability (SOS), an on-campus group that supports environmental sustainability through a variety of outreach, educational and hands-on activities.
  • Campus Farmers Market, which serves and educates the students, staff and faculty of NCSU about local and sustainable food systems through sustaining the existence of the Campus Farmers Market.
  • The Air & Waste Management Association, which provides a common ground where students from various academic disciplines related to air and waste management can advance their understanding and progress of environmental management through an organized exchange of knowledge.
  • Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources & Related Science, an organization that fosters inclusion and advancement of members of under-represented groups in agricultural and natural resource sciences and related fields.
  • College of Natural Resources (CNR) student groups, including two honors fraternities and five organizations tied to departments within CNR.
  • The Leopold Wildlife Club, which offers students the opportunity to network and learn from professionals in wildlife science and management.
  • The Student Fisheries Society, which encourages the exchange of fisheries and aquatic science information among students, faculty and regional professionals and provides career guidance to students.
  • Service Raleigh, a University-wide initiative that links students with local business or non-profit volunteer opportunities, many of them reacted to environmental fields.
  • The Center for Student Leadership and Ethics, which sponsors workshops, seminars, conferences and special events throughout the year and links students with local and global volunteer opportunities in many areas, including environmental sectors.

For more information about other extracurricular aspects of student life at NC State, check out NC State’s Student Organization Resource Center which lists information on more than 300 other organizations that can add interest and fun to your undergraduate years. State and national organizations associated with specific environmental interest areas can also provide additional academic, career and social opportunities during your time at NC State.