Types of Programs - NC State Programs
1. Semester Exchange Programs- One student from NCSU and one student from a partner university swap places. 
2. Semester Non-Exchange Programs- If there is not someone who will swap from your host country, you can directly enroll in your choice of university but you will pay the tuition of your study abroad institution.  You will not pay tuition at NC State University when enrolled abroad.  
3. Semester NC State Group Programs- Students pay a fixed cost to NCSU and travel abroad as a group. The classes are NC State classes taught by NCSU professors.
4. Summer Programs- These programs are usually led by an NC State professor and generally are 4-6 weeks in duration.

Affiliated Programs
NCSU partners with some affiliate study abroad programs. You also have the option of studying abroad (this is common during the summer) with another university in the United States. 

Choosing a Program
1. In order to choose a program ask some crucial questions:
-Where do you want to travel?
-Does the country require language skills?
-Do you want to take courses for your major or general education courses?
-How are you going to FINANCE travels?
-What would you like to achieve from your time abroad?
2. Once you have decided where to go, use the study abroad search engine to search for available and upcoming programs.