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Current Project Advertisements - July 23, 2014


College of Textiles Fire Alarm System Replacement - Design Only

Request for General Contractor Prequalification Submittals- Reuse Water Line Extension

Winston Hall HVAC Renovations

Monteith Engineering Research Center (MRC) Cleanroom Renovations - Engineer Selection

Notification of Open-End Contracts 2014-2016

UNC System Advertisements


College of Textiles Fire Alarm System Replacement Design Only :: NC State University

Replacement of the fire alarm system in the College of Textiles, a four story building, constructed in 1991, having approximately 304,000 sf of which 207,000 sf are assignable for classrooms, lecture halls, labs and offices. The building will be occupied during construction.

Design of new analog addressable fire alarm system, interfaced with existing NC State University campus fire alarm monitoring system, supporting one way voice instructions as part of campus mass notification system. At this time the, the project is funded through design only, with a design project budget of $100,000, one hundred thousand dollars is for design only.  Electrical design services include fire alarm system, power for fire alarm components, signal interaction with campus monitoring system and construction administration.

Download the complete project description here: COTFireAlarmReplacement

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ReQuest for general contractors prequalification submittals- reuse water line extension :: NC State University

North Carolina State University is seeking qualification statements from general contractors for the Reuse Water Line Extension, located on NC State’s Centennial Campus Precinct.  This project will extend the reuse water from the new pumping station near Achievement Drive on NC State’s Centennial Campus Precinct to the Centennial Campus Utility Plant (CCUP) by way of Main Campus Drive.

To be considered, the contractor must obtain an application package from the NC State University Project Manager and submit a sealed, fully completed qualification document by 5:00 pm, August 4, 2014, to David Hammock, project manager, at Administrative Services Building III, 2701 Sullivan Dr., Suite 331, NCSU, Campus Box 7520, Raleigh, NC 27695-7520.  Application packages will be available electronically after July 13, 2014.  Please contact the project manager via email (preferred) or phone to request a package.  Three (3) hard copies of completed qualification packages must be submitted to the project manager.  Completed qualification packages will not be accepted electronically.   

Download the complete project description here: GCReuseWater

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Winston Hall HVAC Renovation :: NC State University

Winston Hall HVAC Renovations, NC State Project # 201420009

The existing heating system consists of perimeter hot water finned tube heaters (radiators). This project will replace the radiators with hot water reheat coils at new terminal units. This project will remove the existing terminal radiant heaters along the perimeter of the building and all associated supports, controls, and accessories. The existing hot water piping may then be renovated or replaced based on an evaluation of the existing system by the selected designer and the university stakeholders. This modified or new piping will then provide heating hot water to a new VAV system with new direct digital controls.

For specific project inquiries – Steven R. Bostian (919-515-8059)

A Pre-submittal Meeting will be held July 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM in Administrative Services III Building Conference Room 301, 2701 Sullivan Drive on the NC State campus.  Attendance is encouraged but not mandatory.

Closing Date: 5:00 pm, July 25, 2014

Download the complete project description here: WinstonHVAC

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MRC Cleanroom Renovations Engineer Selection :: NC State University

MRC Cleanroom Renovations–Engineer Selection

NC State Project # 201420008

This project will improve the control of space conditions in the cleanrooms located on the first and second floors of Monteith Engineering Research Center (MRC) to meet cleanroom requirements by addressing issues with the HVAC systems and equipment with regard to reliability, temperature and humidity control, and capacity limitations during seasonal peak loads.  The design basis for this project will draw from the MRC Cleanroom Programming & Utility Study, and will also address improvements to the other supporting utilities in addition to the HVAC systems and equipment.

A Pre-submittal Meeting will be held at 9:00 am on July 11, 2014 in Conference Room 124 of the Administrative Services Building III, 2701 Sullivan Drive, Raleigh, NC  27695 on the NC State campus.  Attendance is not mandatory.

For specific project inquiries – David Hammock (919-515-2030)

CLOSING DATE: 5:00 pm, July 28, 2014

MRC Presubmittal Document

Download the complete project description here: MRCCleanRoom

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Notification of Open-End Contracts 2014-2016 :: NC State University

On behalf of the Selection Committee, we would like to extend thanks for your firm's interest, and appreciate the time you spent in preparing your submission.

The NC State Board Of Trustees Buildings and Properties Committee has approved the list of firms to offer professional services on an as-needed basis for NC State University. The complete list can be viewed below.

Download the complete project description here: Open-End Contracts 14-16

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