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Current Project Advertisements - September 23, 2014



MRC Cleanroom Renovation - Construction Manager at Risk

Dorothy & Roy Park Alumni Center HVAC Renovations-Request for Mechanical Contractor-Prequalification Submittals

4-H History & Learning Center - Architecture/Engineer Selection

Cox Hall Renovation - Architecture/Engineer Selection

Reynolds Coliseum -Walk of Fame & Hhistory Wolfpack Art Project-Request of Qualifications

College of Veterinary Medicine Equine Hospital Study -Architectural & Engineering design services

College of Textiles Fire Alarm System Replacement - Design Only

Notification of Open-End Contracts 2014-2016

UNC System Advertisements


MRC Cleanroom-Construction Manager at Risk :: NC State University

North Carolina State University is accepting proposals for Construction Manager at Risk for the MRC Cleanroom Renovations until 5:00 p.m. on October 27, 2014 in the office of Capital Project Management, Administrative Services Building III, 2701 Sullivan Drive, Suite 331, Campus Box 7520, Raleigh, N.C. 27695-7520.

This project will improve the controllability of space conditions in the cleanrooms located on the first and second floors of the Monteith Engineering Research Center (MRC) to meet cleanroom requirements for the HVAC systems and equipment with regard to reliability, temperature and humidity control, and capacity.

The project is funded through Schematic Design.  Project budget of $8.5 million includes design, construction and other project related costs.

North Carolina State University has an affirmative policy of fostering, promoting and conducting business with minority owned enterprises. Minorities are encouraged to participate in the Construction Management at Risk Program.

A mandatory pre-proposal conference will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on October 8, 2014 in Room 124 of the Administrative Services III Building located at 2701 Sullivan Drive. Obtain parking permits from NCSU Transportation, located in Administrative Services Building I, at 2721 Sullivan Drive.

Qualifications Questionnaire, Instructions to Proposers and other project information will be available on September 29, 2014.

Download the complete project description here: MRCConstructionMgrRisk

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Dorothy & Roy Park Alumni Center HVAC Renovations-Request for Mechanical Contractor-Prequalification submittal :: NC State University

North Carolina State University is seeking qualification statements from mechanical contractors for implementing improvements to the Park Alumni Center HVAC system. 

To be considered, the contractor must obtain an application package from John Johnson, NCSU State University Design Project Manager and submit a sealed, fully completed qualification document by 5:00 pm, October 23, 2014, to the project design manager, John Johnson, at Administrative Services Building III, 2701 Sullivan Dr., Suite 300, NCSU, Campus Box 7216, Raleigh, NC 27695-7216. 

Application packages will be available electronically after September 29, 2014.  Please contact the project manager via email (preferred – or phone (919-513-0537) to request a package.  A hard copy of the completed qualification package must be submitted to the project manager.  Completed qualification packages will not be accepted electronically.

Download the complete project description here: Alumni Center

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4-H History & Learning Center :: NC State University

The North Carolina 4-H History & Learning Center will be a new 4500SF building to be constructed at Millstone 4-H Camp in Richmond County, NC.  The multi-purpose one-story building will provide much needed space for summer 4-H camp programs, year-round programs for school groups in 34 surrounding counties, as well as space for use by the NC Cooperative Extension Service and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.

A Pre-submittal Meeting will be held on September 25, 2014, at 9:00-10:00 am in Room 301, Admin III Building, 2701 Sullivan Drive, Raleigh, NC 27695 on the NC State campus.  Attendance is encouraged but not mandatory.

Closing Date: 5:00 pm, October 6, 2014

Download the complete project description here: 4hHistoryandLearning

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Cox Hall Renovations-Architecture/Engineer Selection :: NC State University

This project renovates the first floor and a portion of the third floor of Cox Hall from office space into SCALE-UP and “110” classroom. The project will also include upgrades to the mechanical systems, toilet rooms, and student study space.

The Advanced Planning budget of $25,000 (SD/DD) incorporates design and publication costs. Design services include: scoping and programming effort; schematic and design development documents; and preliminary cost of work estimate and schedule.

Closing Date: October 6, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.

Download the complete project description here: CoxHallRenovations

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Reynolds Coliseum-Walk of Fame & History Wolfpack Art Project-Request for Qualifications :: NC State University

NC State University is seeking proposals from artists/teams to create a themed Wolfpack art installation in Reynolds Coliseum. The university is commissioning the art installation of the Wolfpack, integrated into the stairway between the ground and mezzanine level as part of the new Walk of Fame and History exhibit. The concept of the art installation of the Wolfpack is to illustrate the attributes of the pack, that live, feed, and travel as a family group. The art installation should represent the strength, confidence, pride, courage, spirit, and passion of NC State Athletics.  The installation may provide interaction with visitors when they ascend the stairs. The project budget of $100,000.00 is inclusive of travel, research, design, fabrication, installation, insurance, taxes, site preparation, and any modifications to the existing site proposed by the artist(s).

Deadline for Submission of Qualifications: 5:00 p.m., October 15, 2014

Download the complete project description here: WalkofFame

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CVM Equine Hospital Study-Architectural & Eng design services :: NC State University

Architectural and Engineering design services are required for a study to provide an analysis of the Equine Hospital needs and a strong vision to serve the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) equine program for the next 30 years.  It will also complement the Physical Master Plan for the Centennial Biomedical Campus (CBC). The goal is to provide a well-integrated facility with a new and expanded Equine Hospital to accommodate a growing sports medicine program (which encompasses lameness evaluation, rehabilitation, and clean orthopedic surgery facilities) and renovation / repurposing of the existing facility space with adequate biosecurity separation for foal and adult patient intensive care unit, restriction and isolation facilities. There is a small a food animal program as well.
Deliverables are to include a study/programming report with: project visioning; a scoping and programming effort; site analysis and site planning; concept development with blocking diagrams; a plumbing, mechanical and electrical system assessment for providing conditioned space in the existing area; a preliminary project cost estimate and schedule; and presentation-quality marketing materials for fundraising purposes.

The selected firm may be retained through full design and construction at the University's option.

Project Budget: $125,000 for the study. Total project budget to be determined.

CVM Equine Hospital Study Pre-Submittal Sign-In Sheet

Closing Date: September 30, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.

Download the complete project description here: CVMEquineStudy

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College of Textiles Fire Alarm System Replacement Design Only :: NC State University

Replacement of the fire alarm system in the College of Textiles, a four story building, constructed in 1991, having approximately 304,000 sf of which 207,000 sf are assignable for classrooms, lecture halls, labs and offices. The building will be occupied during construction.

Design of new analog addressable fire alarm system, interfaced with existing NC State University campus fire alarm monitoring system, supporting one way voice instructions as part of campus mass notification system. At this time the, the project is funded through design only, with a design project budget of $100,000, one hundred thousand dollars is for design only.  Electrical design services include fire alarm system, power for fire alarm components, signal interaction with campus monitoring system and construction administration.

Download the complete project description here: COTFireAlarmReplacement

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Notification of Open-End Contracts 2014-2016 :: NC State University

On behalf of the Selection Committee, we would like to extend thanks for your firm's interest, and appreciate the time you spent in preparing your submission.

The NC State Board Of Trustees Buildings and Properties Committee has approved the list of firms to offer professional services on an as-needed basis for NC State University. The complete list can be viewed below.

Download the complete project description here: Open-End Contracts 14-16

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