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David Zonderman, Chair; Dennis Daley, Secretary; Hans Kellner, Immediate Past Chair; David Aspnes, Mohamed Bourham, Lloyd Fleisher, Monserrat Fuentes, Ed Funkhouser, Leda Lunardi, Jeannette Moore, Paul Williams, Warwick Arden, Provost, ex officio

The agenda for each meeting of the Faculty Senate shall be prepared by the Executive Committee, consisting of the Chair of the Faculty, the Chair-Elect of the Faculty, the Secretary of the Faculty Senate, and eight members of the Faculty Senate elected by the Faculty Senate. Although the Executive Committee does not have the responsibility of initiating Faculty Senate action, it shall have the responsibility of developing long-range plans for the Faculty Senate activities and shall act for and represent the Faculty Senate, as authorized by the Faculty Senate, while the Faculty Senate is not in session.

The Executive Committee shall be responsible to and shall make periodic reports of its activities to the Faculty Senate. The Chair and Secretary of the Faculty Senate shall be the Chair and Secretary of the Executive Committee.


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