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University Standing Committee

Liaisons Constituency Representing
Kevin Brady CED Admissions
Derek Aday CALS Athletics
Chris Gunther CALS Bookstore
Harriette Edwards CALS Commencement
David Auerbach CHASS Course & Curricula Committee
Richard Spontak COE Evaluation of Teaching
Mike Devetsikiotas COE Ext, Engagement, & Econo Dev
Dennis Daley CHASS Group Insurance & Benefits
Roy Borden COE International Programs
Paul Williams PCOM Library
Juliana Nfah-Abbenyi CHASS Lifelong Faculty Involvement
Richard Bernhard COE Physical Environment
Alton Banks COS Registration, Records, and Calendars
John Heitmann CNR Student Health
Sarah Ash CALS Council on Undergraduate Education
Bryan Laffitte COD University Housing
Other Committees    
David Baumer PCOM Admin Board of Graduate School
Richard Bernhard COE Campus Envir. Sustainability Team
Darby Orcutt GEN CON Common Reading
Marie Davidian COS Council on the Status of Women
Wendy Krause COT Diversity Advisory
Karen Bullock CHASS EEOC
Fred Cubbage CNR Survey Advisory
Michael Steer COE Union Activities Board
Carolyn Bird CALS Honorary Degree
Gary Moore CALS Honorary Degree
Ken Zagacki CHASS Honorary Degree
Montse Fuentes COS University Budget Advisory
Marguerite Moore COT University Research Committee
Thomas Byrnes PCOM Watauga Medal
Tommy Holden GEN CON Watauga Medal
Michael Levy CVM Watauga Medal
Ralph Smith COS Watauga Medal
Samuel Sotillo CHASS Watauga Medal




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