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Hearing Panel

Committees formed from the Faculty Hearings Panel consider appeals from tenured faculty members in cases of suspension or discharge or cases of disruption.

A. The Faculty Hearings Panel is constituted as follows: Each college elects a number of faculty to serve on the Panel; the number from each college is equal to one-half of the number of Senators from that college, rounded down when necessary, plus one. The same people eligible to vote in Senate elections are eligible to vote for members of the Panel. Eligibility for membership on the Panel is the same as for serving on the Faculty Senate with the exclusion of faculty without permanent tenure and members of the Faculty Mediation Panel.

B. Members of the Panel are elected by the faculty of each college for a four-year term. They are ineligible for immediate re-election. After having served for one term, they become eligible again after the passage of four years. Elections are held annually in the Spring and terms of members are staggered whenever possible. Procedures of elections coincide with those of the Faculty Senate elections.


Panel Members Constituency Phone Email Term
Barry Croom CALS 910-890-7814 barry_croom@ncsu.edu 2014
Gerald Huntington CALS 513-1693 gerald_huntington@ncsu.edu 2014
H. C. Sunny Liu CALS 515-4024 hc_liu@ncsu.edu 2014
J. Patrick Rand Design 515-8319 patrick_rand@ncsu.edu 2016
Duane Akroyd Education 515-1745 duane_akroyd@ncsu.edu 2015
Julia Storberg-Walker Education 513-1658 julia_swalker@ncsu.edu 2015
K. L. Murty Engineering 515-3657 murty@eos.ncsu.edu 2016
Chang S. Nam Engineering 515-8140 cnam@ncsu.edu 2018
William Rasdorf Engineering 515-7637 Not listed 2015
Natalie Ames CHASS 515-0454 natalie_ames@ncsu.edu 2014
Jocelyn Taliaferro CHASS 513-1990 jocelyn_taliaferro@ncsu.edu 2014
Jose Agustin Pasten CHASS 515-9293 japasten@ncsu.edu 2016
Donald Pagach Management 515-4447 don@ncsu.edu 2018
Theofanis Tsoulouhas Management 513-2661 fanis_tsoulouhas@ncsu.edu 2014
Dimitris Argyropoulos Natural Res. 515-7708 dsargyro@ncsu.edu 2015
David Aspnes Sciences 515-4261 aspnes@ncsu.edu 2018
Alexander Nevzorov Sciences 515-3199 alex_nevzorov@ncsu.edu 2018
Helmut Hergeth Textiles 515-6574 hhh@ncsu.edu 2016
James Guy Vet Med 513-6287 jim_guy@ncsu.edu 2016


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