Graduate School Office Staff

NC State Graduate School Office Staff Phone Numbers
Last Name First Name Job Description Phone Number Office Location
Banks Erin Director of the IMSD program 919.513.1635 2305A COT
Beaman Jennifer College Liaison 919.515.1993 2310E COT
Carter Michael Program Evaluation 919.513.7234 2323 COT
Cavanaugh Nisha Director, Postdoctoral Affairs 919.515.0326 2305B COT
Chilton Ashley Accounting 919.515.4472 2310A COT
Cook Dare College Liaison 919.515.1988 2310D COT
Cutchins Erica ETD Editor / Graduation Coordinator 919.515.4497 2320G COT
Dickey Siarra Assistantships/Fellowships/Postdocs 919.515.1991 2310B COT
Edelman David Business Applications 919.513.3135 2302A COT
Foy Bridget Assistant Deans Assistant 919.513.0004 2302G COT
Gebremichael Belen Residency Officer 919.513.1010 2320E COT
Gentile Lindsay Director of Admissions 919.515.1985 2311B COT
Grasso Maureen Dean of the Graduate School 919.515.2394 2315 COT
Hester Kamon International Admissions 919.513.0571 2320F COT
Hodge George Assistant Dean 919.513.1636 2331 COT
Honeycutt Barbi Graduate Teaching Programs 919.513.1599 2311A COT
Jenkins Felysha IMSD Program Associate 919.513.1347 2320A COT
Kittle Autry Meagan Director of Thesis & Dissertation Support 919.515.2737 2305C COT
Liston Rick Operations Fiscal Affairs 919.515.1998 2301 COT
Locklear Brett Director of Graduate Recruiting 919.513.1981 2302B COT
Lynch Lian Director of Graduate Student Administration 919.515.0798 2311C COT
Marcks Todd Fellowship Administration 919.515.1481 2302D COT
Morales-Diaz Aixa Senior Assoc. Dean Assistant 919.515.4391 2301E COT
O'Neil Sharlene Executive Assistant to the Dean 919.515.1983 2317 COT
Olive Peggy College Liaison 919.515.1990 2310C COT
Ortiz-Deaton Caroline Graduate Student Support Plan 919.515.4429 2310H COT
Overman Beth Professional Development 919.515.2293 2305D COT
Perez Joseph Information Systems / Data 919.515.4473 2302J COT
Shafer David Assistant Dean 919.515.7052 2303 COT
Thomas Shiela Admissions Processor 919.515.1984 2320D COT
Wesselow Denise Admissions Processor 919.515.1996 2300A COT
White Darren Computing Consultant User Services 919.515.1997 2302I COT
Wilson Meghan HR Coordinator 919.515.4517 2310G COT