Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)

ETD stands for Electronic Thesis & Dissertation. The NCSU Graduate School is 100% electronic with Thesis & Dissertation processing. This means that all ETD reviews, ETD final submissions, Graduate School and Advisory Committee ETD approvals, NCSU Library cataloging and public access to NCSU ETDs are electronic (via the internet).

This ETD Website is a one-stop-shop for everything ETD. The ETD Guide explains in great detail the Graduate School’s formatting and production requirements, the review and final submission process, with step-by-step instructions and visual examples. The student should read the guide before writing and make sure to refer to the guide throughout the writing process.

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If yes, then the free ETD Workshop is for you.  Meet in-person with the ETD Editor & Graduation Coordinator, Erica Braman Cutchins, to get all of your questions answered. There is a humongous difference in file quality between students who attend the ETD Workshop and those who do not attend. Spend the 2.5 hour investment to have a smooth path to graduating on time!