How to Start a PSM Program

Quick Guide to Starting a PSM Program To help deans and professors start PSM programs a booklet entitled "Quick Guide to Starting a Professional Master’s Program” was produced. The Quick Guide answers the following questions:

1. Why are professional master’s programs important?
2. How do we determine whether we want to start a professional master’s program?
3. We have decided to start a professional master’s program. Who should be involved?
4. What is the logical process for creating a professional master’s program?
5. How do we best advertise the program to students?
6. Which types of support does the Graduate School at N.C. State University provide?
7. How do we contact others involved in professional master’s programs?


PSM Program Assessment Plan - CGS Communicator


PSM Program Sustainability Model

A PSM program sustainability model for use at NC State has been developed. Other campuses are encouraged to adopt this model or develop similar or new models. The NC State model is dependent on financial support from the Provost’s Office (first two years) and is based on enrollment projections and formula funding per student credit hour in the current enrollment year (institutional funding only). Each program must negotiate with the Provost as there is no guarantee that all or any portion of these funds will be available to a program. An example of a program budget is shown below, and there are many other models. When a program becomes profitable, a portion of the profit may be returned to the program home. (Adapted from “Quick Guide to Starting Professional Master’s Programs”)



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