Graduate Student Support Plan:
Faculty and Staff

Graduate Student Support Plan Handbook
Important Dates / Deadlines

Graduate Student Support Plan Funding:

Graduate Student Support Plan Funding Charts - Graduate Student Support Plan benefits funding structure (within and beyond allowed semesters)
Graduate Student Support Plan Funding Calculator
Insurance and Tuition Journals (Fall 2013 - Present)
In-State Tuition Award (Fall 2003 - Spring 2013)
TR Match Payments (Spring 2007 - Spring 2013)
TR BAS Payments (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Guides & Instructions:

Graduate Student Support Plan and Graduate Support (SIS) - Reading the Graduate Support area of MyPack Portal for Graduate Student Support Plan eligibility and other helpful information.
Registration & Academic Standing Status Validation - necessary for Graduate Assistantship & Fellowship Actions.
SIS Department Approval Flag - Instructions
Graduate Student Support Plan - Special Authorization Request - Instructions
Graduate Student Support Plan - Permanent Record Inquiry (InfoWeb is currently down for maintenance and upgrade.)
Request to Waive Academic Load Policy - Instructions

Useful Queries:

GSSP_MTHLY_INSURANCE (SIS Reporting) - Returns monthly NCSU RA-TA coverage lists by program.
GSSP_INS_SUMMERPREPAYS (SIS Reporting) - Returns students eligible for summer NCSU RA-TA health insurance coverage prepay.

Other Useful Resources:

University Cashier's Office (UCO)
Graduate Tuition - Graduate Student Support Plan only covers “Graduate” tuition rates, no premium tuition and no fees.
Notice of Sponsorship (UCO) - UCO Sponsorship Information. Effective Spring 2014 the UCO will no longer use the online Notice of Sponsorship.

Payroll (For Students) - Information for New Student Employees, Student Payroll Taxes (FICA Exemption, Federal & State Income Taxes, and W-2s) and Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule
Payroll (For Foreign Nationals)
Payroll (For Payroll Coordinators)

Sponsored Programs & Regulatory Compliance (SPARCS)
Student Benefits -Budgeting Guidelines
Tuition - Budgeting Guidelines

Registration & Records
Forms (R&R) - Important forms related to enrollment, scheduling, curriculum, etc.

Office of International Services