GSSP: Glossary

Continuing Student - Students admitted to current degree program in or before the Spring 1997 Semester.

GSHI - Graduate Student Health Insurance

ISTA - In-state Tuition Award

New Student - Students admitted to current degree program or transferred upon graduation from a master's program to a doctoral program in or after the 1997 Summer I Session.

GSSP - Graduate Student Support Plan

Slots - There are three types of slots: ISTA slot, TR slot, and GSHI slot. A slot is the equivalent cost for each type of benefit for 1 student for 1 semester in the case of ISTA and TR and 1 year in the case of GSHI. Slots may be consumed only by students on eligible funding sources. Slots are allocated at the college level through the Associate Dean with graduate responsibilities each Fall and Spring semester. The total cost of benefits for GSSP eligible-students on slot-eligible funding sources should not exceed the slot allocation for a given college.

TR - Tuition Remission. The difference between the out-of-state tuition and the in-state tuition amount.