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How To Join

Fraternities and sororities select their members through a recruitment process, sometimes referred to as "rush." The membership selection process for the African-American-based organizations is called intake. By University and council policies, the recruitment process is alcohol-free.

Interfraternity Council (IFC) Recruitment Process (Fraternities)

The Interfraternity Council conducts membership recruitment in the first month of each semester. Typically there are a number of informational and social events that all chapters participate in to provide interested men the opportunity to meet active members from several fraternities. Chapters will also host several individual events during this time for potential members to attend and learn more about a particular fraternity in a more personalized setting. No registration fee is required and it is up to the student to decide which events to attend. Students can register for recruitment by attending one of the IFC planned activities or completing the online registration on the "How to Join" page of the Department of Greek Life Web site.

For more information on planned activities, please contact:

Panhellenic Association Recruitment Process (Sororities)

The fall recruitment process for the sororities is formal and structured. Registration is required, prior to the week of formal recruitment. To avoid conflicts with classes, recruitment events are held in the evenings and on weekend days. Participants visit each chapter on the first day of rush, known as open house. Recruitment is a mutual selection process. It is strongly recommended that you attend every event during the Formal Recruitment Process. The final invitational event, Preference Night, you may attend up to two chapters events which are more formal in nature.

After the Preference Parties, potential new members rank their choices and the sororities submit a preference list. To promote equity in the recruitment process, each sorority is permitted to pledge a maximum number of women, so a "bid matching" process determines which sorority each participant will join. Many participants are pledged to the chapter they list as their first choice after the Preference Parties

For more information on planned activities, please contact:

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) Membership Intake
(Historically African-American Fraternities and Sororities)

Unlike the other councils, NPHC chapters conduct their membership selection or "membership intake process" independently and at different times. Chapters usually conduct interest meetings that are relatively formal in nature. Prior to membership student must usually provide transcripts and letters of recommendation. NPHC Week will be scheduled in September to provide more information to interested students. Note that most NPHC organizations require a standing college gpa and some require sophomore standing in order to apply for the intake process.

Joining an NPHC fraternity or sorority is possible when members decide they have enough interest from qualified students to take a new member class. This may be in either the Fall or Spring semester, or both. Each chapter coordinates their own process and events are held separately, with the exception of "Meet the Greeks" held in the Fall. Most National Organizations require an application, sophomore status, and a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher. A few will accept second semester freshmen. Called "Intake" this process is conducted with the assistance of the local Graduate Chapter (a group of local alumni of each organization).

To begin the intake process groups host meetings on the campus (some are called informationals). It is expected that you research all of the groups so that your decision to join is solid, and well informed. A great way to check out the local chapter is to attend educational programs they sponsor. These meetings and programs will be advertised on the campus.

For more information about chapter intake please contact:

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) Recruitment Process
(Culturally/Interest-Based Sororities and Fraternities)

The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) organizations conduct recruitment in many different ways. Some have more formal recruitment and others follow a program closer related to the intake process. No registration fee is required and some organizations will continue to recruit new members throughout the semester.

MGC does not coordinate a formal recruitment process for member chapters. Rather, each chapter coordinates their own events as each organization varies in focus/interest. We encourage potential new members to check out the individual chapter's web pages to gain a better picture of these fraternities and sororities at NC State.

For more information about chapter recruitment/intake please contact: