International Cultural Leadership Project (ICLP)

The ICLP connects NC State students to international students from the SKEMA Business School in France as well as students from GTI partner schools in Brazil, China, and Taiwan. NC State student volunteers play an important and fun role in helping new and visiting international students integrate into the Wolfpack community.

How can I participate?

We have two types of ICLP participants. Click on each one to find out more information and fill out an application form.

*Note: you will have to use your Unity ID and password to log in.

    • VOLUNTEERS participate in activities, seminars, and workshops with international students. Those who participate in at least 10 hours over the course of the semester will earn a certificate and a completion prize.

      Volunteer Application

    • LEADERSHIP COUNCIL members undergo training each semester in order to lead cross-cultural workshops and seminars for SKEMA students and ICLP participants. The Leadership Council is paid for each workshop they lead during the semester. Members also advise and support the GTI, help recruit and select new volunteers, and act as a resource and contact to SKEMA students throughout their semester in Raleigh. You must be a prior ICLP volunteer to apply for a Leadership Council position.

      Leadership Council Application

    Watch the video about the International Cultural Leadership Project

    Throughout the 2014-2015 academic year, NC State volunteers and international students will participate in cultural and volunteer activities, workshops, and seminars together. This provides international students with invaluable opportunities to interact with NC State students, improve their English conversation, and learn more about Raleigh and U.S. culture. NC State volunteers also get a chance to expand their horizons and work on their foreign language skills. Students can also earn credit towards the Global Perspectives Certificate for successful participation in the ICLP.

    Past activities have included board game nights, volunteering at the Food Bank, political campaign lectures, musical performances, cleaning up Pullen Park, playing baseball with kids from the Miracle League of the Triangle, bowling night, potluck dinners, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, helping the downtown Raleigh City Farm, attending the International Festival of Raleigh, etc.

    How does it work?

    ICLP components

    ICLP participants attend as many events as they would like throughout the semester. Those who earn at least 10 points over the course of the semester get a certificate of completion. Those points are earned through attending cultural events, community service activities, or academic lectures. The GTI also sends out a weekly newsletter that includes other events happening around campus and Raleigh. Participants will go through an orientation module at the beginning of the semester/school year and sign up for events through Moodle. A closed Facebook group is also set up to facilitate communication among all ICLP participants.

    • Moodle orientation - ICLP participants access a Moodle module for a brief virtual orientation

    • Participants welcome SKEMA students at their orientation on Tuesday, January 6, 2015

    • Participants earn points toward prizes by participating in volunteer, cultural, and educational activities

    • A weekly newsletter is sent to all participants that includes other globally-focused events of interest

    • Participants get access to a closed Facebook group for the ICLP