Internships/Research Overview

NOTE: The J-1 Student Intern program will be adminstered by NC State's Office of International Services starting from July 1. New applications will not be accepted after June 1. Any existing applications must be completed (with the fee paid) by June 1, or applicants will have to start the process again after July 1.

The J-1 Student Intern program at NC State University facilitates temporary, full-time internship opportunities for international students who are studying at one of our overseas partner universities or are invited to do an internship on campus with an NC State faculty supervisor. The internship must be an integral part of their academic program at the home university. Interns do not take courses and do not receive university course credit from NC State, so there are no tuition charges. Students are responsible for finding their own internships or research opportunities. The GTI is NOT a placement agency.

Internships/research can:

  • last between 2-12 months

  • begin and end at any time

  • be paid (MUST be at least minimum wage $7.25/hour) or unpaid

  • be on-campus (GTN) or off-campus (GTX) in North Carolina

J-1 Student Interns are:

  • invited by an NC State faculty member or enrolled in one of NC State's partner universities overseas

  • in good academic standing at their home university

  • returning to their home university for at least one full semester of academic courses after the internship period

  • participating in a research/internship experience that's integral to their academic program

  • recommended by a faculty advisor at their home university

  • required to complete a virtual "check-in" when they arrive to NC State

  • required to submit an evaluation every six (6) months or at the end of the internship

J-1 Student Interns are NOT:

  • receiving NC State credits or degrees

  • paying NC State tuition or student fees

  • students who have already graduated or in their last semester of their degree program

  • students or visitors already in the United States and want to change their status


Overview of Student Intern Application Process

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  • Apply online ( at least 60 days before your start date. Do NOT submit more than one application.

  • Pay the GTI application fees online (click links below):
    $350 for on-campus interns (GTN)
    $650 for off-campus interns (GTX)

    Cancellations must take place at least 60 days before the start of the program in order to receive a 50% refund on the application fee.

  • Email ALL supporting documents to at least 45 days before your start date (applications are NOT processed until all documents are complete and emailed)

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Within 3 weeks after all documents are complete and emailed, we will issue (via Express Mail) to the Student Intern overseas:

    • An official acceptance letter
    • The completed & signed DS-7002
    • A completed Form DS-2019 (used with the DS-7002 form when applying for the J-1 visa at a US consulate overseas)
    • Additional instructions for applying for the visa and pre-arrival information

Applicants must wait for these forms before applying for a J-1 Student Intern visa overseas* or entering the U.S. (Visa interview wait times vary greatly by country. Please check the US Embassy or Consulate website to see current wait times.)

Applicants must pay the additional visa and processing fees charged by the US government.

*If you’re already in the US on a different visa status, you CANNOT change to a J-1 Student Intern visa

On-Campus Intern Program (GTN)

Off-Campus (GTX)

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