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UHP Academy


The UHP Academy offers students an opportunity to teach and learn from each other, while receiving Honors Program credit. It is a series of courses which are taught by students, for students. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, UHP students teach semester-long S/U courses to other UHP students on topics that matter most to them.

Q. What credit is associated with UHP Academy courses?

A. The UHP Academy is a course system internal to the UHP at NC State. This means that UHP Academy courses are NOT credit bearing courses at NCSU, and will not be reflected on a student’s academic transcript. However, UHP Academy courses DO count for credit toward requirements of the University Honors Program. Students may earn
a maximum of 3 UHP academy credits, which will be counted toward the 12 required HON seminar hours.


Q. How do I enroll in a UHPA course?

A. To enroll or for more information visit the UHPA Seminars List.


Q. How do I teach a UHPA course?

A: To teach a course, see the UHPA Guidelines on the Honors Forms section of the website.


Further questions?
Contact Aaron Stoller, Assistant Director, University Honors Program