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  • Phone: 919-515-2135
  • Fax: 919-515-7543
  • Campus Box 7210

Staff Directory by Department

HR Staff Members
Alexandria Byrd, Foreign National Tax Specialist, Payroll, 919-513-3846
Alicia Lecceardone, ER Strategic Partner, Employee Relations, 919-515-4298
Ana Ibanez, Administrative Support Specialist, Benefits, 919-515-4314
Andy Naylor, Technical Consultant, HRIM, 919-515-7649
Anza Harker, Human Resources Consultant, TOS, 919-513-0791
Ashley Privette, Employee Benefits Program Manager, Benefits, 919-515-4282
Barbara Carroll, Associate Vice Chancellor, HR, 919-515-3443
Barbara Sutton, Tax Accountant, Payroll, 919-515-4354
Brandy Flickinger, Leave Specialist, Benefits, 919-515-4312
Carina Lockley, Program Assistant, T & OD, 919-515-4280
Christina Moore, HR Specialist, HRIM, 919-515-4305
Christy Sechler, Onsite Staffing Specialist for NCSU, UTS, 919-515-4307
Corrinda Watkins, Exec Asst. to the AVC, HR, 919-515-4271
Dan O'Brien, Sr. ER Strategic Partner, Employee Relations, 919-513-0700
David O'Ferrell, Director, Payroll, 919-515-4367
David Perryman, Assistant Director, TOS, 919-515-4276
Debbie Nachtrieb, HR Specialist, HRIM, 919-513-1766
Deborah Wright, Director, TOS, 919-515-4290
Denis Delgado, Human Resources Consultant, TOS, 919-513-0137
Denise Jimenez, HR Specialist, HRIM, 919-515-4299
Erika Burris, Benefits/Deduction Specialist, Benefits, 919-513-4497
Erin Cox, Onsite Staffing Specialist for NCSU, UTS, 919-515-4306
Frank Barragan, Search Consultant, Executive Search Services, 919-515-4365
Gary Scarzafava, Leave Administrator, Benefits, 919-513-0106
Jackie Pendergraft, Office Coordinator for NCSU, UTS, 919-515-4279
Jen Mitchell, Benefits System Manager, Benefits, 919-513-1977
Jennifer Stacey, Employee Relations Specialist, Employee Relations, 919-515-4295
Jess Zdeb, Payroll Specialist, Payroll, 919-515-4349
Jesse Manciaz, Director, Employee Relations, 919-515-4300
Jill Blitstein, Manager, International Employment, 919-515-4518
Joanna Carter, Program Assistant, TOS, 919-515-4286
Joanne Sullivan, Human Resources Consultant, TOS, 919-515-4275
Joe Matise, Technical Consultant, HRIM, 919-515-4301
Joe Williams, Director, Benefits, 919-515-4318
Julie Ricker-Hagler, Senior Human Resources Consultant, TOS, 919-515-4281
Justin Lang, Director, Executive Search Services, 919-513-1963
Kaprina Mitchell, Benefits Consultant, Benefits, 919-515-4311
Karen Lundin, Foreign National Tax Specialist, Payroll, 919-513-3437
Karen Young, Benefit/Deduction Specialist, Payroll, 919-515-4366
Kathy Lambert, Director, TOS, 919-515-4277
Kevin Rice, Director, Training & Development, 919-515-4285
Kristen Schmitt, Onsite Staffing Specialist for UNC-Chapel Hill, UTS, 919-843-9454
Laura McGaha Cooper, UTS Manager for UNC-Chapel Hill, UTS, 919-962-4328
Liz Milks, Administrative Support Specialist, Benefits, 919-513-0366
Margot Henion, Benefits Consultant, Benefits, 919-515-4319
Mary Richardson, EPA Consultant, HR, 919-513-0765
Meghan Kosbe, Sr. Payroll Specialist, Payroll, 919-513-7606
Michael Boykin, Benefits Consultant, Benefits, 919-515-4316
Michelle Anderson, Foreign National Program Manager, Payroll, 919-515-4370
Nancy Phillips, Secretary, Staff Senate, 919-513-3832
Nick Grisak, Human Resources Consultant, TOS, 919-515-4291
Paige Garriques, Immigration Paralegal, International Employment, 919-515-4304
Patti Sajecki, Administrative Assistant, Benefits, 919-515-4272
Racquel Sanders, Human Resources Specialist, TOS, 919-515-4289
Rea Gauger, Human Resources Consultant, TOS, 919-515-4308
Regina House, Payroll Supervisor, Payroll, 919-515-4355
Robin Nowlin, Assist. Dir., Tax Manager, Payroll, 919-515-2062
Ryan Bernarduci, EPA Consultant, HR, 919-513-7630
Samantha Caudill, Administrative Assistant, Payroll, 919-515-4346
Samantha Oster, Manager, Background Check Program, 919-513-5230
Sandra Vieira, Human Resources Consultant, TOS, 919-515-4278
Shannon James, UTS Manager for NCSU, UTS, 919-515-1010
Stephanie Hines, Immigration Paralegal, International Employment, 919-513-7525
Stephanie Kelber, Training & Consulting Specialist, T & OD, 919-515-6371
Stephanie Newman, Benefit/Deduction Specialist, Payroll, 919-513-1974
Suzette Walker, Program Assistant, International Employment, 919-513-0200
Tara Murphy, Senior Human Resources Consultant, TOS, 919-515-7266
Terria Bates, Records Manager, HRIM, 919-513-2572
Tina Bennefield, Training & Consulting Specialist, T & OD, 919-515-9576
Todd Driver, Assistant Director, HRIM, 919-515-7673
Vacant, Benefits/Leave Consultant, Benefits, 919-515-4317
Valerie Wilson, eLearning Training Administrator, T & OD, 919-513-2628
Vance Prince, HRIM System Training Administrator, HRIM, 919-515-4292
Wendy Goddard, Program Assistant, Background Check Program, 919-513-2283