Office of International Services


Forms are a useful way for organizations to solicit and present important information. OIS uses several types of forms – paper forms, on-line forms (web-based mechanism using the In-Form technology), pdf forms to be printed out and completed by hand and submitted, and form-fillable pdfs.


Please review the information you enter on the forms since missing or incorrect information can result in returns, delays, or our processing wrong information. If you write on the form, please write clearly and do not use abbreviations. Please be sure you use the latest version of forms and that you follow the instructions regarding manner of submission. Some forms must be accompanied by supporting documents (e.g., bank statements, fee payments, recommendations, etc.,) and some forms must be submitted as attachments to a ticket in the OIS HelpDesk system. If you have a question about a form, please ask an OIS advisor about it (walk-in hour, scheduled appointment, etc).  The forms we have collected here include both OIS forms and a few other forms that international students and scholars may need when applying to USCIS (not tax forms, permanent resident forms, H-1B forms, etc).

Some of the forms listed in the menu options are in pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer before viewing or printing.