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Inter-Institutional Registration

I am taking a Inter-Institutional class. Why did I get a separate bill from the other school?

This happens if the paperwork was not submitted at both schools. Please contact your home school and make sure you are enrolled in the Inter-Institutional program. If you registered yourself at the visited school, without completing paperwork at your home school, you are not enrolled through the Inter-Institutional program.


I need to drop a class at the other school. What do I do?

You can simply e-mail your home school's Inter-Institutional contact. The drop will be handled through the two registrar's offices.


The class I wish to take is Distance Education. Does that matter?

Yes. Distance Education courses are not eligible under the Inter-Institutional and CRC programs. However, you can register as UNC System schools through UNC Online. At NC State, these courses are offered through Distance Education & Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) and are identified with a section number of 601 or higher.


The class I wish to take is restricted. Can the instructor call the contact person and give permission over the phone?

If permission is required, it must be written. The instructor/department may send written permission via fax or e-mail to the visited school's Inter-Institutional contact person.


I want to change my mind and take a different class. Do I need to complete a new form?

Yes. If the new course is different than the course listed on your original form, you must complete a new form and obtain the necessary signatures.