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Graduation Photos FAQ

In May of 2012, NC State began partnering with GradImages to offer professional photos at both the university ceremony and the Chancellor's Reception. Below are some frequently asked questions about the processes of taking, receiving, and purchasing those photos.


Where will the photos be taken?

Your photo will be taken during the line-up prior to the processional, shortly after you arrive at the PNC arena and before the ceremony begins.  Doctoral and DVM candidates will have photos taken as they cross the stage during the ceremony.  Some photos may also be taken at the Chancellor’s Reception the evening before the university ceremony.


How will the photographer match my photo with my name and information?

For photos taken during the lineup and processional, you’ll be given a card and asked for your name and email address. Present this card to the photographer’s assistant as you approach them for your photo. They may also ask you to state your name into a recording device just before they take your picture. The company will then match your photo with your name and info that you provided on the card.


Photos taken of doctoral candidates crossing the stage are matched based on the final list of candidates provided by the Graduate School and the College of Veterinary Medicine and used to call student names during the ceremony. Cards are not needed for doctoral students to be matched to the stage photos.


Photos taken at the Chancellor's Reception, as well as candid photos taken during the Graduation Ceremony, will be provided as general highlights for you to select from. As these are not matched to students, you will need to search through these highlights to find specific photos.


When will I be able to view my photos?

Within five days after the ceremony, you should receive an email from GradImages with directions on how to access your photos and purchase them online.  Pricing information will be available on the GradImages website.


What if I got my photo taken at the Chancellor's Reception, but did not attend the main ceremony?

For photos from the Spring 2013 Chancellor's Reception, please visit the GradImages website.


What if I don’t want my photo taken?

If you do not wish to have your photo taken, you may simply refrain from filling out a card, and let the photographer's assistant know as you file past in the line up.