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Creating and Submitting Progress Reports

  1. Go to your Faculty Center: Main Menu > Student Information Systems > Faculty Services > Faculty Center
  2. Click the Progress Report icon by the class for which you wish to submit progress reports: Progress Report Icon
  3. Fill out progress reports for the student(s) who need them. Enter your remarks, and choose a category or categories. Remember, these correlate to a positive or a negative icon on the student's current term advising dashboard, which students and advisors will see. Progress Report Interface
  4. When ready, click the yellow SEND button to submit the report(s).
  5. After submitting the report(s), the student and the student's advisor of record will receive a notification, and a record is made on the current term advising dashboard.
    Note: Older progress reports for any student with existing progress reports can be found in the Student Services Center (Main Menu > Student Information Services > Admin Services > Student Services Center), in the dropdown menu under "Academics".