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Classroom based training for Advisors, Faculty and Administrative Staff has ended for all topics except graduation. For graduation training, please check back as dates will be added soon.

If you were unable to attend, please review the SIS tutorials available on this website.

Training Topics:

SIS DGP & Graduate Secretary/Administrator Query Training: This training course is designed to teach users how to run SIS queries. We will also show you the existing SIS queries and demonstrate how they can help you be more efficient.

SIS DGP & Graduate Secretary/Administrator Plan of Work Template Training: This training course is designed as an introduction to plan of work templates. During the three hour course, we will review the training manual, and also have time for hands-on template creation. We hope that this course will provide you with the necessary tools to create templates for your plans (MS, MR, thesis, non-thesis, PhD, etc.).

SIS DGP & Graduate Secretary/Administrator Training: This class covers using Drop-In Advisee pages, Registration Advising Service Indicator administration and graduate Plan of Work and Advisory Committee administration (including student self-service feature). All designated Directors of Graduate Programs and Graduate Secretary/Administrators are encouraged to attend.

Click here to see Graduate School Training Schedule.

Graduation Clearance Training: Sign up by clicking the link!

Advisors: (Online tutorials) Advisor training focuses on two main areas within "Faculty Services" where almost all advising tasks can be accomplished. Some time is spent covering class rosters, grade rosters, and progress reports for those who also have teaching responsibilities. In this session you will learn how to view your advisee list, notify one, some, or all of your students via e-mail, look up academic information about your advisees (grades, ADA and Plan of Work, unofficial transcripts), release advising holds (equivalent of PINs in SIS), view reports, and learn about the new features students will encounter in SIS.

Faculty: General Facutly training exists either as part of the Advisor training or via online tutorials.

Administrative Staff: (Online tutorials) Campus Records Officer training is for anyone who handles student registration/record issues at the departmental or college level. Different types of Campus Records Officer training sessions will be offered, beginning with an inquiry-style session titled, "How to Find Student Data in SIS" and also "SIS Staff/Admin Training: Enrollment Tasks."

Scheduling Officers: Click here to see Training Materials Available or e-mail to inquire about upcoming training sessions.