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Grade Reporting

General Information

The determination of how credits are applied may vary at each institution. Students should check with the Registrar's Office on their campus for clarification.

NC State Students

Undergraduate Students

Grades will be reported by the registrar’s office at the visited school-- UNC Online students must request a transcript to be sent. The student will receive transfer credit for the courses only if they earn a grade of “C” or better. Inter-Institutional Registration courses transfer as credit hours only and are not used in the computation of the grade point average for undergraduate students.

Graduate Students

Graduate students receive both credit hours and grades for Inter-Institutional Registration courses. The grades received from the visited school will be converted to the NCSU grading scale and added to the student’s transcript. Students are not allowed to register for inter-institutional classes on a Pass/Fail or Audit. This process takes approximately 3 weeks from the time the Department of Registration and Records receives the grades from the visited school.