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Inter-Institutional Registration


Undergraduate degree-seeking students who wish to participate in the Inter-Institutional program must be enrolled for at least 12 credit hours and must obtain permission from their academic advisor and the dean of their college. The course taken at the visited school must be courses that are not offered through NC State.

Undergraduate students who qualify may take one course at the visited institution per semester (Fall/Spring). Graduate students must be registered at NC State and must obtain the signature of their graduate advisor.

Home campus students have first priority in class assignment. Courses taken at other institutions may be used as free electives and as alternatives to restricted electives if so approved by the department and college. Credits earned in this manner may apply toward fulfilling graduation requirements, but grades are not used in computing a student's grade point average.


  1. Complete an inter-institutional registration form. These forms can be obtained in the Department of Registration and Records, 1000 Harris Hall.
  2. Be sure to include the course abbreviation, number, section number, title, and number of credit hours (check the schedule of courses at the school you wish to visit for this information).
  3. Obtain the required signatures on the form.
  4. Return the completed, signed form to the Inter-Institutional Office in the Department of Registration and Records.

Inter-Institutional Class Schedule

The course you take at another institution will show as a “placeholder” course on your NCSU schedule. Do not drop your placeholder course without notifying the Inter-Institutional Office.

Schedule Revision

Please notify the Inter-Institutional Office as soon as possible if you need to drop or make changes to your inter-institutional registration.

Summer Inter-Institutional Registration Policy

Undergraduates and graduate students may take one class at another institution as long as they are registered for at least one class at NCSU during the same session as the requested Inter-Institutional registration. Follow the specific registration procedures listed above.

Important Notes

In some instances, you may be required to obtain permission from the instructor or department in order to be enrolled in a course. Check any course footnotes and obtain permission if required. Anytime permission is required, you will need to get it in writing. Please bring this permission statement to the Inter-Institutional office or have it sent via e-mail directly from the instructor to the registrar’s office at the visited school.

Lifelong Education students may not register for courses through the Inter-Institutional or Cooperating Raleigh Colleges Programs.

Distance Education courses are not eligible under the Inter-Institutional Registration program. These courses are offered through Distance Education & Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) and are identified with a section number of 601 or higher.