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Scheduling Tools:

  • Astra 7: Astra 7 log-in is your unity ID and password.
  • How to Read the Exam Schedule(pdf)
    This is a worksheet to delineate exam scheduling, including Common Exams and Non-Standard Time processes.
  • Main Campus Map(pdf)
    This map, created by Facilities provides an overview of main campus and the location of all classroom buildings, excluding those on Centennial Campus.
  • Campus Time Schedule
    These are the time schedules for Main and Centennial campuses. Scheduling Officers must follow these time periods when scheduling their departments courses. If courses need to be taught outside of these time periods, a Non-standard Meeting Time Request form needs to be submitted during semester start-up period. These forms are then reviewed by the University Registration, Records and Calendar committee.
  • Room Lists and Characteristics (pdf)

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Scheduling Officer Survey

Buildings and Rooms

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