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Room Blockout Request

To be completed by departments requesting a blockout period in one of their priority classrooms for administrative activities so that classes will not be assigned at certain times. Room Blockout Requests must be returned to the University Scheduling Officer before access closes. Blockout requests should be kept to a minimum and requested ONLY for scheduled functions.

Non-Standard Meeting Time

To be completed when class time differs from the campus time schedule.

Special Topic Request

To be completed by departments requesting a specific topic to be assigned to a course. Please enter all course information for each section on CRS006. If you have a preferred suffix, please indicate under "Course Suffix". The University Scheduling Officer will assign the suffix and attach to the section information on CRS006.

Special Topics/Change of Grading Method

To be completed if you are requesting a change in the grading method of a specific section. The Scheduling Office will change the grading method and students' registration when approval is received from the Provost's Office.

From this page, you can Add Course Detail to the Special Topics Course(s) being offered by the college or department(s) you support. If the course is not listed in MyPack Portal, it will not appear in your search and you will not be able to update.

Remember: Scheduling officers must fill out the Method of Evaluation for Letter Grading section and the Estimated Enrollment box! Incomplete forms cannot be processed.


Facilities Modification Request Form

This link will provide access to the Provost's website, where you will find a Facilities Modification Request Form. It is imperative that your department complete and submit this form prior to making any changes to classrooms, including but not limited to: changes in seat count, type of seating, installation of equipment, and usage.