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Astra Schedule

The Ad Astra Web Scheduler allows users to enter as a "Guest" and view scheduling grids of certain classrooms, buildings, subjects, and groups. The web application allows a user to login with their own account information and request a room directly in the system. Images of rooms are available along with room characteristics to choose the most appropriate location for events. View a tutorial on room availability searches.


Please refer to System Access Request (SAR) (previously ASAP) for requesting access to University data via administrative applications. A link to SAR is also located in MyPack Portal under the For Faculty & Staff tab > Campus Resources > Security Access/SAR.

Course Information Reports: These reports allow departments to generate spreadsheets of their own department or colleges class schedule for the semester including all information gathered from the Course Inventory System.

Error Reports: Error reports help aid the scheduling officer to correct any missing information from the course inventory system (RUMBA) during the semester start-up period.

Production Schedule

The production schedule gives a timeline of the process of semester course scheduling including when the course inventory system is accessible through SIS. This identifies when all necessary forms are due to the University Scheduling Office and when the schedule of courses is finalized for the upcoming semester.

Room List and Characteristics

This updated PDF file details all of the characteristics in each of the 110 classrooms on campus. This is a great tool for semester scheduling.