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Special Group Codes

Code Description
ADEN Advising - Pre-Prof Dental
AE Academic Enrichment Program
AGV Alexander Global Village
AHS Alexander Hamilton Scholars
AMED Advising - Pre-Prof Medical
AOPT Advising - Pre-Prof Optometry
AS Airforce ROTC
AV Arts Village
AVET Advising - Pre-Prof Veterinary
BILL Student Billing
CA Caldwell Scholars
CC Computer Certificate Program
CF Caldwell Fellows
CFC Caldwell Fellows - Completed
CL Chancellor's Leadership Awared
CS University Scholars (completed)
DHU Donghua 3+X
DSO Disability Services Office
FE NC Fellows
FULB Fullbright Scholars
GS Goodnight Scholars
HC Honors Program (college)
HON University Honors Program
HONG University Honors Program Graduated
ISE International Student Exchange
LE Lateral Entry
LO Licensure Only
LT Engineering Laptop Program
MA Merit Awards Recipient
MN Merit Need Based
MS Military Science
NCT NC Teach
NCTU Chiao Tung 3+X
NFR New Freshmen
NS Naval Science
NSE National Student Exchange
NTR New Transfers
PB Phi Beta Kappa
PC Park Scholars (completed)
PE Phi Eta Sigma
PK Phi Kappa Phi
PM Peer Mentors
PP Pack Promise
PS Park Scholars
RM Resident Mentor
RS University Scholars (acitve)
SAY Students Advocating for Youth
SF Franklin Scholars
SJ Jefferson Scholars
SM Student Media
SP Pinchot Scholars
STRT Summer START Participants
SW Whitney Scholars (active)
TF Teaching Fellows
TRIO TRIO Student Support Services
UA University Ambassadors
US University Scholars (inactive)
WISE Women in Science and Engineering
ZJU Zhejiang 3+X

A student may have up to six special group codes. The codes are set in Records and Enrollment > Career and Program Information > Student Groups.