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Letter from Chancellor Woodson

NC State Employees Combined Campaign

Creating positive change through our investment in the world around us is a hallmark of NC State.

Throughout our university’s 125 years of tradition, we have consistently demonstrated our willingness and dedication to transforming the quality of life, health and general vitality of the state, nation and world. Our commitment certainly begins with the quality education we provide our students and the advanced research that drives North Carolina’s economy, but extends much further, reaching even to basic human needs such as food, shelter and clothing. Our work, as it has for 125 years, transforms lives.

In the spirit of this long-standing tradition and transformation, we begin our 2012 State Employees Combined Campaign with the theme of “Wolfpack Gives Back.” Last year, despite a difficult economy, you again showed the depth of your compassion and commitment by donating $589,000 to the Campaign. This year, we will focus on campus-wide participation with hopes to increase our participation level to 40 percent and reach a goal of $600,000. A network of coordinators, captains and volunteers will be calling on you between now and November 12, when the campaign officially concludes.

Through this campaign, NC State employees can choose from more than 1,000 qualified non- profit organizations and set an important example for our university system peers as the continual leader in service throughout our community, our state and beyond. In addition to the traditional paper forms distributed by your team captains, e-pledging is available again this year. No matter how you make your gift or pledge, the impact will be felt by those who truly experience the greatest need.

Through your participation, you could win one of many incentive prizes: Adidas gear, a replica of Carter-Finley Stadium, a gift card to an area restaurant or a “B” parking pass for one year. In the true tradition of transformation at NC State, I encourage you to join our leadership team in responding with a contribution to this year’s campaign. Let's remind ourselves and our fellow North Carolinians that giving back is one of NC State’s greatest traditions and has been since our founding 125 years ago.

W. Randolph Woodson
NC State University