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Water Resources Research Institute

Water Resources Research Institute
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2013 WRRI Annual Conference & NCWRA Symposium


All documents below related to the annual conference are in pdf format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it by clicking this icon Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document.

To view a presentation, click on the name of the presenter whose talk you are interested in. To see titles of the presentations, you can download a final conference agenda here (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document), which corresponds to the presentations below. In some cases the presenter did not grant WRRI permission to post their presentation.

Compiled abstracts for oral presentations can be downloaded by clicking the link above each session table below.

Compiled abstracts for poster presentations can be downloaded here (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document).

Keynote Presentation
Keynote Presentation - Presentation Abstract
Trevor Clements
Concurrent Session 1
Concurrent Session 1 - Download Compiled Session Abstracts
Session 1A Session 1B Session 1C Session 1D
Mary Tiger Ryan Cronk- data not public Rick Bolich Damian Maddalena
Will Jernigan Michele Drostin- data not public Ted Campbell Mackenzie Osypian
David Tucker Christy Perrin Shuying Wang Kyle Messier- data not public
Jeff Hughes Mike Schlegel- no presentation Amy Keyworth, Ray Milosh No presentation due to sequestration
Concurrent Session 2
Concurrent Session 2 - Download Compiled Session Abstracts
Session 2A Session 2B Session 2C Session 2D
Gary MacConnell Paul Clark Allison Camp- data not public Karl Wedmann
Detlef Knappe- data not public Ted Campbell Justin Conley- data not public Nathan Lyons
Alexander Gorzalski Lars Hanson Monica Poteat- data not public Cam McNutt
No presentation Cy Stober, Malinda Ford Peter Cada No presentation
NCWRA Symposium
NCWRA Symposium - Download Compiled Session Abstracts
Keynote Address: Rich Gannon
Glenn Dunn
Dan Jewell
Anne Coan
Maggie Monast
Concurrent Session 3
Concurrent Session 3 - Download Compiled Session Abstracts
Session 3A Session 3B Session 3C Session 3D
Jack Moyer Ryan Winston Nancy Deal Michael Burchell- data not public
Aashka Patel Corinne Wilson Victor D'Amato Colby Mooreberg
Jim Hawhee Jihoon Kang Charles Humphrey Jennifer Dixon- data not public
Benjamin Foster- data not public Sanja Lutzeyer Michael O'Driscoll Benjamin Peierls
Concurrent Session 4
Concurrent Session 4 - Download Compiled Session Abstracts
Session 4A Session 4B Session 4C Session 4D
Jordan Kern Peter Raabe Kimberley Knox Randall Etheridge
Steve Nebiker Johnny Boggs Sayde Brais Michael Mallin- data not public
Tom Gerow Jr. Daniel Proctor Christy Perrin Christopher Osburn- data not public
Lisa Schiavinato Alyssa Wittenborn- data not public Shameka Collins, LaVelle Donnell Emily Schieffer
Progress Energy Seminar
Progress Energy Seminar - Download Compiled Session Abstracts
Water, Energy and Security: Colliging Imperatives (recorded webinar)
Thomas Lippman (no presentation)
Keith Schneider
Paul Faeth
David Schlobohm


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