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Water Resources Research Institute

Water Resources Research Institute
of the University of North Carolina System

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WRRI Partnerships

To further WRRI’s statewide mission of research and outreach, we partner with a number of entities in NC that share our mission and with whom we can maximize our reach and impact.  We are always open to partnership opportunities and welcome anyone with interest in partnering on a particular project, topic, or initiative to contact us.  There are four specific partners with whom we have on-going agreements related to support of research and outreach efforts.  These are the Urban Water Consortium (UWC), the Stormwater Group (SWG), which is a sub-group of the UWC, the North Carolina Water Resources Association (NCWRA), and the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NC DENR), and many of the divisions and sections within DENR (including, but not limited to, the Division of Water Quality and the Division of Land Resources).

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