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Water Resources Research Institute

Water Resources Research Institute
of the University of North Carolina System

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Stormwater Group Research Priorities

The SWG reevaluates its research priorities regularly to help guide funding towards projects on topics of high interest and high concern to the member utilities and to the state of NC. Researchers interested in receiving funding from the SWG should submit a proposal to WRRI through its annual call for proposals. WRRI then shares relevant proposals with the SWG for their funding consideration.

Current SWG research priorities are:

  • Evaluation of methods for quantifying pollutant removal and program credits from stream restoration practices and projects
  • Defining and evaluating realistic management measures that can quantifiably mitigate the effects of impervious cover on aquatic life, in different urban settings and stormwater systems
  • Defining and evaluating different stormwater control measures, their relative pros and cons, and appropriate pollutant removal credits for these measures as they relate to removal and/or treatment of sediment, nitrogen, phosphorous, pathogens/bacteria, and other stormwater contaminants in urban stormwater systems
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